Sunday School
 St.Marys Sunday School is the most important and largest spiritual wing of the Church. It is affiliated to MALANKARA JACOBITE SYRIAN SUNDAY SCHOOL ASSOCIATION with Head Quarters at Puthencruz, near Kochi . It takes care of the spiritual nurturing of the children, by bringing them up in the knowledge and fellowship of Jesus Christ.

It imparts knowledge and wisdom to the students at their young age so that they can be groomed as the future soldiers of the Church and its Faith.

The curriculum consists not only of biblical studies but also encompasses church history, liturgy, sacraments and contemporary social problems affecting the church life The classes range from one to twelve. It helps to produce a good posterity for both the church and the society.The Sunday School follows a curriculum prepared and published by the Central Office of the Association at Puthencruz The curriculum is revised from time to time.

The J.S.V.B.S held at the church during every April. The Vacation Bible School conducted during the mid summer holidays (JSVBS) every year is a very vibrant off shoot of the Sunday School activities. Separate text books, devotional materials, song books and cassettes for the JSVBS are published each year. With the view of the spiritual growth of the children in our parish we started our sunday school in the year 1951. The sunday school at present have 20 teachers and students above 100.


Head Master : K P Ulahanan Kanjirathumkudy

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