The Parish is divided into different units for organizing prayer meetings and other religious activities. Each unit has its own name. A committee is handling the administration of each unit.Vicar is the president of each unit.These units help to improve love and Co-operation between the church members.


Following are the family units of Odakkaly pally.

  • Horebh Methala - Secretary : Shaiby Mathew Kochakudy
  • Zeenai Udayakavala -Secretary : E G Georgekutty Edakkudy
  • Thabour Thalapuncha - Secretary : P K Matews Panackal
  • Carmmel Asamannoor - Secretary : K O Varghese Keerankunnel
  • Hermmon Odakkaly - Secretary : V P Varghese Vachery


Unit Co-Ordinators

      V P Varghese Vachery

      T I Varghese Thanelimalil

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